This section describes the procedure for establishing the basic empty weight and moment of the airplane. Sample forms are provided for reference. Procedures for calculating the weight and moment for various operations are also provided. A comprehensive list of all Cessna equip ment available for this airplane is included at the back of this section.

It should be noted that specific information regarding the weight, arm, moment and installed equipment list for this airplane can only be found in the appropriate weight and balance records carried in the airplane.

It is the responsibility of the pilot to ensure that the airplane is loaded properly.


1. Preparation:
    a. Inflate tires to recommended operating pressures.
    b. Remove the fuel tank sump quick-drain fittings and fuel selector valve quick-drain fitting to drain all fuel.
    c. Remove oil sump drain plug to drain all oil.
    d. Move sliding seats to the most forward position.
    e. Raise flaps to the fully retracted position.
    f. Place all control surfaces in neutral position.
2. Leveling:
    a. Place scales under each wheel (minimum scale capacity, 1000 pounds).
    b. Deflate the nose tire and/or lower or raise the nose strut to properly center the bubble in the level (see figure 6-1).
3. Weighing:
    a. With the airplane level and brakes released, record the weight shown on each scale. Deduct the tare, if any, from each reading.
4. Measuring:
    a. Obtain measurement A by measuring horizontally (along the airplane center line) from a line stretched between the main wheel centers to a plumb bob dropped from the firewall.
    b. Obtain measurement B by measuring horizontally and paral lel to the airplane center line, from center of nose wheel axle, left side, to a plumb bob dropped from the line between the main wheel centers. Repeat on right side and average the measure ments.
5. Using weights from item 3 and measurements from item 4, the airplane weight and 0.0. can be determined.
6. Basic Empty Weight may be determined by completing figure 6-1.